Friday, March 18, 2011

Why does God let disasters happen?

In light of all the natural disasters that have been happening lately, namely the Japan earthquake-tsunami double disaster,

the Chile earthquake,


and not forgetting the 2004 tsunami

that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, people are starting to think that the world is coming to an end. They start blaming God for allowing such things to happen.

Firstly, these natural disasters are what they are: natural. It can be explained by physics and science. Pressure build-up in tectonic plates cause earthquakes, and earthquakes in the middle of the ocean cause tsunamis. 

It's waiting to happen, and it will happen, just as sure as gravity keeps us here on earth.

I believe that God did not send earthquakes and tsunamis to scare us. On the contrary, these events have done the opposite. It showed us the true colours of man. In a war-ridden world full of terrorism

and endless battles and suffering,

where man seem so heartless...and cold, the tragedies that occurred have shown us a different side to these 'heartless' creatures we call man.

In 2004, when news of the tsunami broke out, hordes of volunteers rushed in to countries affected by the tsunami to lend a hand.

When a killer quake struck Haiti, millions of people donated in cash and kind to help the survivors.

Same thing happened in Chile.

In Japan, workers are willing to face the extremely high levels of radiation to prevent a complete meltdown of a nuclear reactor.

So where is God? You tell me...

"What greater love has a man, than to lay down his life for another?" 
-John 15:13-

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